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What is Physical Therapy?

The main objectives of Physical Therapy are to promote body strength, function and mobility and prevent future physical injury. Here, Physical therapy is a dynamic health profession, which uses both scientific knowledge and evidence based clinical results. We focus on prevention of impairments, functional limitations or disabilities by identifying disablement risk factors and providing educational strategies to facilitate a positive change in the health behavior of patients. Physical therapy focuses primarily on those individuals whose potential or actual impairment is related to musculoskeletal and neuro-musculoskeletal systems.

Physical therapy is usually one of the first recommendations that doctors make following an accident, surgery, or other illness. Yet, many have found that they are more prone to repeating the same kinds of injuries or that a particular injury is not healing as it should. In these situations, you may make the decision to see a physical therapist on your own. Physical therapy can help with back pain, knee pain, injury to the shoulder or neck, torn ligaments, and even sprains and broken bones. In addition, many people are discovering the benefits of using physical therapy while pregnant or before and after delivery of a baby. In older generations, physical therapy can benefit those who have had a stroke as well, even helping many to regain the use of certain muscles and joints.

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